WordPressSQL - A URL Migration Tool

Introducing to the world, my very basic macOS app: WordPressSQL, A super simple utility for helping out with migrating a WordPress site between environments.

My last blog post said:

I think it looks like it might be the tool that finally gets me into Mac (plus Windows & Linux as bonus) development. I have a couple of ideas that I think could be fun to build!

At the time, I meant, learn Reactjs (even superficially), then learn Electron, then make an app using these technologies. I'm happy to say that I did exactly that over the past couple of days. What I'm not happy about is the quality of that app! It really felt like a web app running on the desktop. It didn't feel native at all.

My app was SUPER simple, at it's core, it was a simple find and replace utility (with a really narrow scope). The Electron app was over 150MB once it was packaged up and ready to go!

I decided to build the same app using native technologies; Xcode, Cocoa and Swift. The result is a much more basic looking app, but one that I'm quite a bit more proud of. You can grab a copy of WordPressSQL right here... it's free! Plus, now the zipped file is only 4MB ;)